About us

NOPRIN Foundation

The Network on Police Reform in Nigeria (NOPRIN) Foundation is a network of 73 civil society organisations spread across Nigeria, and committed to promoting police accountability and respect for human rights. It was established in the year 2000 as a coalition to address the most urgent and pressing problems plaguing the criminal justice sector in Nigeria. Over the years it has become the platform for coordinated civil society input in police reform, and the enhancement of safety, security and justice in Nigeria.

Major Objectives

  • To enhance community-policing relations and partnerships in Nigeria;

  • To facilitate the creation of enabling legislation to enhance police effectiveness;

  • To promote gender mainstreaming in the Nigeria Police Force

  • To facilitate the establishment of standard procedure to monitor and evaluate police operations and accountability;

  • To promote quality training and sustained human resources development in the Nigeria Police;

  • To campaign for humane working conditions and improved logistics in the police;

  • To collaborate with the various units of government charged with the oversight functions of the police to enhance their effectiveness;

  • To collaborate with national, regional and international bodies with similar goals and objectives; and

  • To advance best practices in the provision of police service through research and development in Nigeria

The Six thematic areas for reforms

  • Community Police Relations
  • Police Legislation and Standing Rules
  • Gender and Policing
  • Human Resource Training and Development
  • Police Operations and accountability and
  • Police Conditions of Service

Our Core Value

Respect for human rights


Teamwork & Collaboration

Transparency & Accountability

Gender sensitivity


NOPRIN advocates for legal and legislative reforms and seeks to influence public policies on law enforcement. Networking with other Civil Society Organizations, relevant government agencies, lobbying for legislative reform and contributing to efforts to influence law enforcement policies in Nigeria.

Our Vision

To be the leading Civil Society Organization for the Reform of the Nigeria Police Force

Our Mission

To promote police accountability and respect for human rights and to provide opportunities for civil society involvement in police reform and the enhancement of safety, security and justice in Nigeria

Innocent Chukwuma

Pioneer Chairman

Late Mr Innocent Chukwuma- Pioneer Coordinator, Network on Police Reform in Nigeria.

Dr. Lydia Umar

Immediate Past CHAIRMAN

Dr Lydia Umar- Immediate past chairman, Coordinating Committee, Network on Police Reform in Nigeria.

Kemi Okenyodo


Mrs Kemi Okenyodo- Chairman, Coordinating Committee, Network on Police Reform in Nigeria.


  • Monitoring and Reporting: NOPRIN receives public complaints and tracks daily media publications of police in the news to identify trends and threats and how this impedes police reform in Nigeria.

  • Documenting and Reporting: NOPRIN documents and publishes reports that uncover police abuse and conditions of service.

  • Accountability: NOPRIN organises public tribunals on police accountability in collaboration with Police Service Commission, National Human Rights
    Commission and other stakeholders that have both formal. and informal oversight of the police.

  • Legislative Advocacy: NOPRIN advocates for legislative and policy reforms and seeks to influence public policies on law enforcement.

  • Research and Investigation: NOPRIN carries out independent research, field surveys, and investigations and publishes reports on the research outcome.

  • Networking: NOPRIN leverages the strength of its network in implementing programmes and influencing policies.

  • Community Engagement

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we campaigns against police abuses and impunity in Nigeria using public media, documentaries, radio jingles and publication of information, educational and campaign (IEC) materials.