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Groaning in Pains; Effect of Bad Policing in Nigeria

 Author: NOPRIN Foundation  Publisher: Majorplus Creation  Pages: 250

The Publication, “Groaning in Pains; Effect of bad Policing in Nigeria” is the outcome of a state by state documentation and publication of cases of police misconduct with a view of promoting police accountability, respect for human rights and enhanced access to justice for victims/survivors of police abuse. The periodic documentation covered a period of 15 months. To achieve results, NOPRIN leveraged the strength of the network of member organizations across the country which was complemented by trained human rights monitors who monitored and documented cases of abuses by police officers.

The publication contains human rights reports across the six geopolitical zones, press conferences on national security with the police at the centre, case management register with analysis of documented cases of abuse by police officers and petitions written against police officers to oversight agencies.