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Through the Lens of the Media: A Compilation of Selected Media Reports on the Nigeria Police Vol 2 (2013/2014)

 Author: NOPRIN Foundation  Publisher: Abimtal Ventures  Pages: 440

Between December 2013 and December 2014, NOPRIN with the support of the Justice for All (J4A) program of the British Council, implemented key activities under the project: “Documenting, Verifying and Publicizing cases of Police Abuse in Nigeria and Assessing and Promoting the Effective Application of the Lagos State Coroner Law’.

The publication, Through the Lens of the Media Vol 2, the second in the series, is one of the outputs of the documenting aspect of the project. For the one year duration of the project, NOPRIN monitored and documented media reports on the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) with a view to providing reliable data and information on the operations, conductant performance of the Nigeria Police. The publication is also a means of gauging public perception of the police. The publication is divided into nine parts dealing with different themes. Unlike the first volume which dealt with reports of the NPF alone, this second volume includes security reports about other agencies including paramilitary and other vigilante groups.