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Overall Objective: Promote police accountability and access to justice for victims of police abuse through advocacy.
1: Mobilise public opinion against police abuses through documenting and publicizing as means of pushing authorities to take appropriate action.

2: Assist helpless victims of police abuse to gain access to redress and justice.

3: Increase the capacity of oversight agencies to discharge their functions more effectively and timely.


Activity 1: 6 Field investigation of cases of police abuses in each State of the Six Geopolitical Zones

Activity 2: A Day Training Workshop for 12 Human Rights Monitors / Investigators

Activity 3: 6 Press conferences: Publicising of Cases through Media and Advocacy 

Activity 4 : Gathering of Data and documentation of  data and documenting of cases of police abuses across Nigeria and courier services

Activity 5 : Printing and Presentation of Annual report

Activity 6 : Institutional Support : Management and Administration Cost

Launch of The Research Report, "Non-Compliance with court orders by the nigeria Police Force: Implication for the criminal justice system"

Network on Police Reform in Nigeria is pleased to announce the release of a comprehensive research report titled “Non-compliance with Court Orders by the Nigeria Police Force: Implications for the Criminal Justice Systems”. This report represents a significant step in shedding light on the critical issue affecting the legal system and law enforcement in Nigeria.

The research report was conducted over a period of three months and qualitative data obtained using the Key Informant Interviews and Focused Group Discussions from stakeholders in the criminal justice system in Nigeria. This report delves into the concerning trends of non-compliance with court orders by officers of the Nigeria Police Force. It thoroughly analyses the root causes, explores the wide ranging consequences of non-compliance on the justice system, individuals, and Nigeria as a whole and proposes actionable solutions to rectify the situation.

Key findings:

The research identified systemic issues within the Nigeria Police Force that contributes to non-compliance with court orders, including undue political influence, ineffective accountability structures, the lacuna in the law about garnishee proceedings, the centralized police system, poor funding, and so on.

Non-compliance with court orders erodes public trust in law enforcement, undermines the rule of law and can lead to mob justice, civil unrest, increased litigation against the police and violence against police officers including the killing of police officers.

The report offers a set of recommendations aimed at addressing the identified issues, including improved training for officers, strengthening the oversight and accountability mechanisms of the Nigeria Police Force and the Police Service Commission and improving communications and collaborations between the NPF, courts, civil society and communities.

NOPRIN Foundation believes that addressing non-compliance with court orders is crucial for upholding the principles of justice, fairness, and the rule of law in Nigeria. We call upon all relevant stakeholders, including government agencies, the Nigeria Police Force , Legal Practitioners, and civil society, to consider and implement the proposed solution in this report. This research report is a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to ensure that our criminal justice system operates with integrity and fairness. It is our hope that the insights and recommendations presented will serve as a catalyst for positive change and foster a more just and equitable Nigeria.