Open Society Foundations


Overall Objective: Promote police accountability and access to justice for victims of police abuse through advocacy.
1: Mobilise public opinion against police abuses through documenting and publicizing as means of pushing authorities to take appropriate action.

2: Assist helpless victims of police abuse to gain access to redress and justice.

3: Increase the capacity of oversight agencies to discharge their functions more effectively and timely.


Activity 1: 6 Field investigation of cases of police abuses in each State of the Six Geopolitical Zones

Activity 2: A Day Training Workshop for 12 Human Rights Monitors / Investigators

Activity 3: 6 Press conferences: Publicising of Cases through Media and Advocacy 

Activity 4 : Gathering of Data and documentation of  data and documenting of cases of police abuses across Nigeria and courier services

Activity 5 : Printing and Presentation of Annual report

Activity 6 : Institutional Support : Management and Administration Cost

Research Report